Ayñiy towards planetary wellbeing, is founded by Irma Verhoeven. She is dedicated to using her skills, experiences and passion towards a just, sustainable, peaceful and ethical society and planetary wellbeing. She is a Lifelong, active and experiential learner and changemaker.


Ayniy is a proud partner of Earth Charter International and uses the Earth Charter lens of Respect and Care for the Community of Life in all her activities and decision-making.

Partner of Earth Charter International


Ayñiy (Quechua) is the concept of reciprocity or mutualism among people of the Andean mountain communities or the practice of this concept.


As a noun, the law of ayñiy states that everything in the world is connected.

As a verb, ayñiy refers to the cooperation between the members of a community.


Five principles define the Andean way of life:
munay (to love)
yachay (to learn, know, and remember)
llan'kay (to work)
kawsay (life)
ayñiy (reciprocity)


Among them, ayñiy is regarded as the most important principle, as it provides the backbone of life. This is because ayñiy is not limited to being compensated for earlier help; a more broad definition of ayñiy would be the exchange of energy between humans, nature, and the universe.